A Proud History built on Ingenuity and Innovation

Since the unveiling of the first B&D Roll-A-Door in Sydney in 1956, the B&D brand has grown to become an Australian icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation.

50's Era B&D Australia Roll-A-Door Ad

50's Era B&D Australia Roll-A-Door Ad

Subsequently, a licencing agreement between B&D and AHI Garage Doors saw the AHI Roll-A-Door introduced to New Zealand having a profound impact on urban streetscapes around the country.

AHI Roller Door Ads

AHI Roller Door Ads from the Late 80's Era.

From the development of our initial revolutionary Roll-A-Door, all-steel garage door made from pressed metal sheets that could be rolled and unrolled as a continuous flexible curtain without cracking, we have continued to invest heavily in research and development.

Through constantly delivering design and functionality improvements, B&D has been able to maintain its Australasian market leadership position for more than 50 years.

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