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B&D Doors (NZ) Ltd B&D Doors (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 58019 PO Box 24131
Botany East Linwood
Auckland 2163 Christchurch 8642

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B&D Doors (NZ) Limited is now a business unit of the Dulux Group since their acquisition of the Alesco Corporation in December 2012.

We have two manufacturing plants in Auckland and Christchurch. Controlled by local New Zealand management we are able to be proactive to market requirements.   The other units within the Garage Doors & Openers division are B&D Doors (Australia) Pty and Automatic Technologies Australia Pty (ATA). Automatic Technology Australia is the leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of garage door, gate, and commercial opener products for the B&D group.

B&D Doors was established in Australia in 1946 by Arthur Byrne and Paul Davidson. Together they invented and developed the roller door that we still manufacture today. The commencement of opener manufacturing in our purpose built Chinese facility has brought the production of all B&D door and opener products in-house.

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