B&D Group Partners

We believe building strong associations with our customers, suppliers, related businesses and professional bodies, is fundamental to our on-going success.

The support we receive is greatly appreciated and we would like to acknowledge thus;



B&D Doors has built up a number of very productive relationships with key clients all around New Zealand.

We supply Garage Door & Opener products to many of the leading businesses within the New Zealand building industry under such subcategories as;


National group home builders,

Regional building companies,

Garage and shed manufacturers,

Building Merchants,

and Insurance Groups.


In most cases the supply and installation of our garage door and opener products is facilitated at a local level by one of our Dominator or Garador Dealerships allowing our partners to focus on their core business.


We Have a Lot to Offer Your Business

We are always open to fostering new relationships with key customers, if you would like to discuss the ways we can manage the supply of your garage door requirements, please contact us or read more here.



We believe in strong, long-lasting partnerships.

Our focus is always on sustainable business practices, and we do our best to work with our partners to ensure supply agreements that benefit both parties, all the way through to the end user of our products.

As a result we are proud to work with an outstanding group of suppliers and continue to set new standards within the garage door industry.

If you would like to become a B&D Doors supply partner, please contact us.


A New Approach to Reducing Waste

EPL (B&D’s long established weather seal supplier) has worked closely with us on our new weather seal design.

This video highlights the recyclable nature of our factory offcuts which helps ensure we are both doing our part to reduce waste as a result of our manufacturing processes.


Our association with related businesses and professional bodies helps keep us at the forefront of the garage door and opener industry here in New Zealand.

We see associations as key in our on-going success as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of garage entry products for the building and renovation industry.