Project Commitment


We are pleased to be able to announce that we have made a long term commitment to the Canterbury region with the signing of a 10 year lease for new premises in Hornby.

The past 20 months have been pretty challenging for our business and for our people, a confirmed lease in a great relief.

Our premises in Bromley were first damaged in the September 2010 earthquake, but thanks to our amazing team we were able to start manufacturing again fairly quickly. However it became clear after the February 2011 quake that we couldn’t remain there long-term once part of our building was red-stickered.

Since then we have been looking at our options and after an extensive search, we will be moving our 70-strong Christchurch team across town to Hornby.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this new long term commitment to our customers, our people and the Canterbury region.

Throughout the period of the Christchurch earthquakes everyone at B&D worked hard to ensure our customer needs were met with a minimum of disruption, a committed staff that saw us retaining 100{2181d4e4fe98b3f0a1c6392992ff6778bc6fce6bcb901f03ce7fab79e568bb4d} of our workforce.

The new premises are a significant step forward, and will help us as we gear up for the Christchurch rebuild.

“We’re proud to be part of the Christchurch business community and grateful for the support of our customers up and down the country. We look forward to the resurgence of the region after what has been a trying and often difficult period.”

As you can imagine, competition for these sites – when they become available – is pretty strong, with the signing of the lease, we now turn our attention to the move.

We have a detailed process to work through as we relocate. Planning is well progressed and we are devoting additional manpower to project-manage the shift.

As a manufacturer we want this relocation to happen with minimal impact on our people, on supply, on our dealers and our customers.

Project Commitment Committed to Canterbury


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