On Friday 7th November 2014 B&D Doors (NZ) Ltd. celebrated the culmination of two years’ work with a graduation ceremony for 23 Christchurch based employees.

Training and our employeesThe ceremony acknowledged 12 of our manufacturing team earning a National Certificate in Core Skills (Manufacturing) and another 11 of the team (as well as this qualification) earning a National Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 2) at our Christchurch Head Office & manufacturing site in Hornby.

This has been a 27 month journey which started on the 5th of June 2012 when B&D Doors started “Project Commitment” which was not only the physical shifting of our Christchurch operation to a new site but also the commencement of members from our manufacturing team working towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification in manufacturing through the Hagley Adult Learning Centre and Competenz, the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the manufacturing industry.

For the majority of the learners this is their first and only qualification as many left school at a young age.

More importantly it is a meaningful and recognised qualification for the manufacturing industry. With an average employee age of 46 and most of the learners having not been in the education system for over 30 years the first 12 months of the course was targeted at improving numeracy and literacy skills to help with ensuring the success of this initiative.

Both qualifications are based on the Lean Manufacturing Principals and covered the following common modules.

497            – Demonstrate Knowledge of Workplace Health and Safety Practices
17593        – Apply Safe Work Practices in the Workplace
19506        – Demonstrate Knowledge of Company Quality Policy on a Manufacturing Site
21501        – Apply Competitive Manufacturing Practices in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation
21504        – Apply Quick Changeover Procedures
21505        – Apply JIT Procedures in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation
21506        – Apply Cost Factors to Work Practices in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation
21507        – Interpret Production Costs
21508        – Apply 5S Procedures in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation
21332        – Demonstrate Knowledge of Establishing Improvements in a Manufacturing Organisation
21330        – Perform Calculations for Manufacturing Production Processes
21329        – Maintain Housekeeping in a Manufacturing Environment

For the National Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 2) the additional subjects were also passed.

*21502        – Sustain Process Improvements in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation
*21503        –  Manage impact of change on own work in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation
*21515         – Undertake Root Cause Analysis in a Competitive Manufacturing Organisation

All of these subjects were taught and practically applied to their own work areas and teams with some outstanding outcomes.

As a result of training, B&D Doors has seen huge personal & team progress including a significant improvement in communication skills, new processes developed to improve work areas, and increased employee confidence leading to more applications for promotions – and those applicants being successful!

“I have witnessed all of our learners grow in many different ways,” says Paul Dryden, Operations Manager at B&D Doors, “and already we have team members pushing for further training in the New Year!”


B&D Manufacturing Graduation Ceremony

Top row, Left to Right – Tulipe Gale, Geoffery Bowkett, Tom Tanswell, Joseph Maugaotega, Colin Miles, Scott Russell, Patrick Lewis, Rochelle Chapman, Shane Peters, Brent Wigney

Middle Row, Left to Right – Zane Branthwaite, Sue Vallance (Tutor), Ray Baxter, Ian Roberts, Paul Labrooy, Marguerite Bodger, Mikel Kavanagh, Pita Faau

Bottom Row, Left to Right – Ray Brown, Michael Sullivan, Paul Dryden (Operations Manager), Neil Taylor, Chris Lamond, Malcolm McNeice, Robbie Thoms

Individual Photo:
Joseph Maugaotega – Speaking about what the training meant to the employees.