Dependable performance from Garage Door supplier B&D Doors NZ in the run up to Christmas, along with new ownership by DuluxGroup bodes well for Dominator & Garador customers in 2013.

As we come to the end of our 2012 calendars, there is likely some reflection by all of us on how we have navigated the past 12 months and contemplation of what lies ahead for the next.

We are no different At B&D Doors and for a majority of our team (those based in Christchurch at least) the biggest milestone of 2012 was the successful move of our garage door plant across town to Hornby. There has been much written about how well the move went so no need to linger, but as we get down to our last nationwide delivery runs, we feel it is worth celebrating where we currently stand as a business.

The run up to Christmas is always a busy time as deadlines loom in the building industry and for garage doors it is no exception. As a manufacturer & supplier with sites in Auckland & Christchurch it is imperative that we don’t break the trust of our customers by letting them down in these last important weeks and a scheduled move of one of our sites was no excuse.

Getting our order bank back to within our target range prior to the Christmas rush was extremely satisfying, and afforded us maximum capacity to confidently publish close off dates for our final delivery runs and it is projected that we will meet all of our agreed delivery commitments prior to the Christmas break – something we know our Dominator and Garador networks, along with their customers will be thankful for.

From a management perspective, we would like to thank all our staff for producing this result, for making B&D Doors the great garage door manufacturer that we are and for continuing to uphold our high levels of quality and service whatever your role within the company. Go into this Christmas season knowing that you have a well-deserved break to enjoy with family and friends.

To our customers whatever your size, thank you for your continued support over the past 12 months, we as a business truly value the partnerships that we continue to build and strengthen. We trust that our performance as a garage door & opener supplier has had a positive impact on the way you have conducted business over the past 12 months. All the best for the Christmas break, let’s hope the weather comes good!

As for 2013, there are many unknown’s but you can be assured that as the building industry fires back into life, we will be right behind our national Dominator and Garador distributor networks with proven products, processes and people ready to meet your increased demand.

2013 will also see us join the ranks of several highly recognised and renowned brands such as Dulux, Selleys, Yates and Cabot’s as we take on the resources of our new owners DuluxGroup. While it will be largely business as usual, if their existing brands are anything to go by, you know that we and therefore your businesses are in great hands.

So a partnership with B&D Doors, Dominator or Garador for the year ahead is guaranteed to be an exciting and positive one with renewed building activity, additional resources and synergies to be developed, and a great range of new products due for release in the first quarter.

But first, enjoy a break away from your business and importantly let your mind relax and unwind, you’ll be the better for it.

Dependable Garage Door Supply Bodes well for Dominator & Garador Customers in 2013 thanks to manufacturer B&D Doors (NZ) Ltd.All the best to you and your family this Christmas Season from the team at B&D Doors (NZ) ltd. and also on behalf of our National Dealer networks Dominator & Garador.