The Health and Wellbeing of our staff is paramount to the success of our business and although each and every day in our workplace we focus on Health and Safety we also take time out of our business one day per year to come together as a team and challenge ourselves on how each of us can make a difference to achieve our goal toward zero harm.

B&D Doors Towards Zero Harm

We have come a long way in our safety journey however with an ageing workforce and a high level of sprains and strains we saw the need to introduce manual handling training to our team which encouraged our staff to change their habits of movement and to take notice of themselves and their body.

It was interesting to find that with little change our team were able to move more efficiently without strain and without strain we reduce pain!

Change is difficult and without a doubt many situations have changed for our team in Christchurch, therefore a specialist who was introduced to our team last year came back this year to coach the group on what is normal and what to expect in the coming months with dealing in such a major event and its on-going impact.  The team were delighted to know that we all are normal and the presentation was well received.

Last year the leadership team completed a workshop on safety leadership and have committed to improving our safety standards.  Under the guidance of this leadership team, on safety day the teams at both our Auckland and Christchurch sites developed their own behaviours on how to look out for each other and prevent injuries.

The day was received very positively by not only our employees but also the outside providers as well as the Group B&D HR Manager and the Group General Manager who participated in our Safety Day.

We would like to take this opportunity to not only thank our staff for their enthusiastic participation, but also our customers and suppliers for their continued understanding as we down tools for the day to focus on the future health and wellbeing of each other.