As our newly introduced Insulated Series of sectional doors grows in popularity, we are noticing another trend around the style of panel in highest demand.

The clean minimalistic look of our ‘Flat Panel’ (top) is the leading style requested from our Insulated Series of sectional doors to date accounting for 43{2181d4e4fe98b3f0a1c6392992ff6778bc6fce6bcb901f03ce7fab79e568bb4d} of sales. At the same time, the fine-lined look of our ‘Pencil Rib’ (inset) profile accounts for 27{2181d4e4fe98b3f0a1c6392992ff6778bc6fce6bcb901f03ce7fab79e568bb4d} of sales so these two modern styles are giving us a clear insight into the future.

The New Insulated Series of Garage Doors is available through Garador & Dominator Dealers Nationwide‘Less is obviously more’ when it comes to the style of garage door that fits with current architecture design and taste and we have a number of options with and without insulation that are sure to meet your requirements.

What’s a Sectional Door?

This type of door is made from a number of rigid sections/panels that are hinged together and move vertically in the opening, then horizontally along the ceiling, guided by tracks and counter-balanced with springs.

These doors are the most aesthetically adaptable of garage doors, and are available in a range of colours, patterns and may also featured windows.  Sectional doors can be made of wood and other materials, but are most commonly made of steel.

Sectional doors can extend up to 6.5 metres across, thus catering for even the widest of modern cars when stored in a double garage.

New Insulated Series

We’ve taken our most popular styles of sectional doors and added a sophisticated insulator used the world over.

Silver-grey in colour, this unique product is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) infused with graphite to further absorb infrared energy and reflect heat providing around 20{2181d4e4fe98b3f0a1c6392992ff6778bc6fce6bcb901f03ce7fab79e568bb4d} better insulating performance than standard EPS. A remarkable product matched to a premium brand all to help make the space behind your new B&D Insulated Garage Door & Opener much more comfortable.

For more information on our various door styles, large range of colour options, or our world class garage door openers, give your local Dominator or Garador Dealer a call – there’s one near you.