Each year we take a day out of our usual routines to remind ourselves that the Safety and Sustainability related actions and behaviours of every employee, from executive management to frontline staff, make up our culture and ultimately determine our success as a business that does no harm to its employees.

My Actions Make a DifferenceIn 2014 we have passed the milestone of 4-years no Lost Time Injuries in our Auckland plant and are closing in on the same achievement at our Christchurch plant.

With this in mind, it was timely to review our Hazard Reporting Systems and learning’s as a reminder that we cannot become complacent in the area of Safety and Sustainability.

We also took the opportunity to invite the Heart Foundation and Cancer Society to talk to us about some of the highest causes of death in New Zealand and what we can do personally to lower our own risks and that of our families. While some of the statistics were very sobering, it is encouraging to see that survival rates from many of the diseases discussed are increasing through continued research and earlier diagnosis as a result of greater awareness of symptoms.

To boost awareness of our own health and ‘numbers’, (www.knowyournumbers.co.nz/) B&D Doors has encouraged all staff to get a health check from their family doctor by way of a subsidy payable back to the employee. As we were reminded;

“The length of time between doctor’s visits is not necessarily evidence of good health!”

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s Safety Day, every aspect was very informative and an appropriate reminder that our culture of Safety and Sustainability does not start and stop at the front gates.